In its third year running, Kids Rock Music, Inc., is a music and movement program for children and families in the Triad area of North Carolina. Founder and owner Mrs. Ann Marie leads weekly classes, preschool programs, and special events throughout the Winston-Salem area. Kids Rock Music features live music and age-appropriate instruments so everyone can participate. 

Kids Rock Music's mission is to bring the joy of musical expression to babies, children, and families.

Mrs. Ann Marie is a mother of two - a kindergartener and a preschooler. She plays the piano, guitar, clarinet, and violin and loves to share these wonderful instruments and their different sounds with children. As a former fitness instructor and college English teacher, she believes that great music can facilitate physical health as well as many types of intelligence.

  • Music training enhances language development and mathematical skills.
  • Learning to sing and interact with instruments is better than learning a second language!
  • Music has the power to unlock your child's potential, build IQ, and teach empathy and creativity.

Start early introducing your child to the joy of music, and appreciate the bond you create forever!

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