In its fifth year running, Kids Rock Music, Inc., is an interactive children's music and movement program that features live music and age-appropriate instruments so everyone can participate.

Along with rhythmic play and joyful movement, Kids Rock Music classes offer a special time for bonding with your child and enhancing literacy skills. We always sing a book together, dance with scarves and the parachute, and laugh together with drums, shakers, bounces, bubbles, and LIVE music. Make new friends and awesome memories at Kids Rock Music! 

♫ Kids Rock Music's mission is to share the JOY of musical expression

with babies, children, and families. 

Founder Mrs. Ann Marie leads weekly classes, preschool programs, and special events throughout the Winston-Salem area. 


I am a child at heart and love more than anything to have fun. As the mother of two, I believe in letting children be little and sharing music with them that is beautiful, uplifting, and true. I play the piano, guitar, and ukulele; and I enjoy sharing these wonderful instruments and their different sounds with children. 

  • Music enhances language development and mathematical skills.

  • Music has the power to unlock your child's potential, build IQ, and teach empathy and creativity.

Start early introducing your child to the joy of music, and appreciate the bond you create forever!


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Each class costs $10 per family. If you have one, two, or even more children, your cost is still $10. However, this applies only if the children are siblings.

Our Fall 2018 classes are available at a package deal price: $95 for ten classes. REGISTER TODAY »

For birthday parties or playgroups, I charge $80 for a 40-minute session. 


Q: What kind of payment do you accept?

A: Registration for classes is completed online, where you pay with a card. 

You may pay in person with cash or check, but please CONTACT » us to make sure you have reserved a space the class.  


Q: Can I bring my baby while my older child is in class?

A: Yes! If you have a child in class, please feel welcome to bring your baby along with you! Parents will have plenty of space to sit and enjoy the class while playing with baby/nursing, etc. Bring friends or grandparents too! People of all ages are welcome to join and sing with us and have a blast.

Remember, siblings are free! The class cost is per family. 


Q: How big is each class?

A: Each class will be capped at 10 families. Counting a parent, grandparent or babysitter and potential siblings, there might be about 15 - 25 people in the room. 


Q: What will kids be doing?

A: Babies and kids will explore their environment, learn about their bodies' abilities, and experience the joy of creating sound! Babies will bond with parents through music and motion, and older tots will have a chance to exercise their independence by making some noise and trying out different songs and movements.

I have a large parachute, colorful balls, a huge drum, egg shakers, jingle wrist bells, maracas, scarves, wrist ribbons, and more!

Kids will have a chance to try these different instruments as well as their voices. They will stomp and clap and sing. They will also hear me lead simple songs, motion songs, and call-and-repeat songs with a guitar. 


Q: What will parents be doing?

A: Parents will be actively involved in the class. For babies, we hold them, bounce them, tickle them, and do all sorts of interactive bonding rhymes and songs. This is a special time for you to enjoy with them. What a gift!

For younger children, your involvement is important because they will follow your lead and will want you nearby. The songs are fun to sing, and you will have fun dancing and marching and helping out with the parachute. It's great to feel like a kid again. If your child wanders off, you'll want to direct them back to our space, but I will be glad to help you.

For older children, they are more independent and usually want to do what their peers are doing. However, the class is always a bonding experience between caretaker and child at all ages. 


Q: My daughter wants a Frozen party. My son wants a train party. Can you make the music and activities match this theme?

A: Yes! Tell me your ideas and themes, and we will work together to make the music and activities a perfect fit for your little one's special day. 


Q: What is your SNOW policy?

A: If Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schools are cancelled, then Kids Rock Music is also cancelled. If there is a delay then we are cancelled as well. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest information.  


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